Welcome to ONGO247.COM as you probably know, freedom of speech is under a lot of pressure these days and the reason for this is to "protect" you from hate speech and well that sounds good, until you find out that, what those in power call hate speech is quietly stealing YOUR own freedom and has absolutely nothing to do with protecting you.
Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and all the corrupt dinosaur media are so politically correct that no one bothers to watch or listen to them anymore.

This is exactly why we have set up this Free Speech Social Platform

Start the journey:

Start by registering as new user HERE then you are actually ready. Welcome! Now you can upload a nice picture of yourself, a background picture, maybe you want to write a little about yourself on your new profile, but generally just find yourself at home.

Now What:

There are many options, but you could start by writing a little about yourself and your thoughts on your wall, maybe upload some pictures, a video or you can create a private / public group around your interests and invite others to join. Maybe you have some things you want to sell, then do this on the market place.


This is a Free Speech Social Platform and you can write or show whatever you want (within the natural law) or just use your common sense, but always remember that the other users have the same rights as yourself.

Enough of That


Cost ?

Open ?

Can i call for violence ?

Can i call Joe Biden Commander in Thief ?

Can i sell weapons and drugs here ?

Can i upload a picture / video of my butt here ?
Yes but we would not recommend it, or do it in your private group

*(you will find out)

We hope you will support this new Free Speech Social Platform!