'What The Hell Are You Talking About?' Stephen Colbert Gives Trump A Riot Fact-Check

‘What The Heck Are You Speaking about?’ Stephen Colbert Offers Trump A Trouble Fact-Check

Head Of State Donald Trump is apparently criticizing “antifa people” for recently’s lethal physical violence in the U.S. Capitol, which was accomplished by his very own advocates. So “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert actioned in with a fact-check on Tuesday evening.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Colbert asked, including:

“You invited those rioters to your rally in Washington. They were wearing your shirts, your hats, waving your flag. And they cheered when you told them to go to march on the Capitol.”

Colbert stated future specialists will certainly stand up photos from the trouble, revealing Trump advocates in Trump equipment and also swing Trump flags, after that ask to call individuals aware. 

“And if they don’t say, ‘They’re MAGA people,’ you know it’s time to take away their car keys,” he stated. 

Colbert likewise played a clip from a press conference by Steven D’Antuono, assistant supervisor accountable of the FBI’s Washington area workplace, explaining the apprehensions and also examination thus far as “just the tip of the iceberg.” Colbert called that a proper allegory. 

“The MAGA crowd has a lot in common with icebergs: Cold, white and when the heat is on, they just melt before your eyes,” he stated.

See his complete talk listed below: 

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