UN kicks off selection of next secretary-general

UN starts choice of following secretary-general

UNITED COUNTRIES (AP) – The United Nations began the choice of its following secretary-general on Friday, asking the 193 U.N. participant mentions to send prospects to be the globe company’s principal mediator and also running police officer.

The procedure formally started with a joint letter authorized practically by General Setting up Head Of State Volkan Bozkir and also Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Barbara Woodward, this month’s head of state of the Safety and security Council opening up the election of prospects.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, whose present term ends on Dec. 31, introduced last month that he is looking for a 2nd five-year term.

Honduras’ U.N. Ambassador Mary Elizabeth Flores Flake likewise sent out a letter to all U.N. participant countries claiming there has actually never ever been a women secretary-general and also asking to “present women candidates.”

“I am writing this communication from a place of conviction, where standing for equal rights makes a difference in creating a fair and equitable organization, and opening opportunities for women all over the world,” Flores Flake claimed.

A 2015 General Setting up resolution, which was taken on by agreement, transformed the formerly mostly deceptive choice of the secretary-general to a much more open and also clear procedure. It permitted the globe body’s participant states for the very first time to see fundamental details regarding all prospects, including their resumes, and also to satisfy and also doubt them at open sessions.

Prior To Xmas, a team of 25 countries from all areas called the Liability Comprehensibility and also Openness team contacted the General Setting Up and also Safety and security Council prompting that the choice procedure for the following secretary-general satisfies “at a minimum” the 2015 criteria of openness and also participation of the 193 U.N. participant countries.

Guterres’ political election was a frustration to females, that had actually intended to damage the all-male hang on the blog post, and also to East Europeans that have actually never ever had a secretary-general from the area. It was intended to be following in the casual geographical turning for U.N. principal when Guterres, a Portuguese, was chosen.

The General Setting up chooses the secretary-general on the suggestion of the 15-member Safety Council where the 5 long-term participants — the U.S., Russia, China, Britain and also France — have last word, so their assistance is critical.

In the 2016 race, there were 13 prospects striving to be secretary-general, 7 females and also 6 males, and also the General Setting up held open meetings for every of them, where ambassadors from all nations can ask concerns. 6 straw surveys were kept in the Safety and security Council in between July and also October, and also Guterres led in all of them.

The present political election is the very first under the 2015 resolution where an incumbent is looking for reelection. Whether any kind of prospects are advanced to test him continues to be to be seen.

In their joint letter, Woodward and also Bozkir claimed “the position of the secretary-general is one of great importance that requires the highest standards of efficiency, competence and integrity, and a firm commitment to the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.” It emphasized that prospects must have “proven leadership and managerial abilities, extensive experience in international relations, and strong diplomatic, communication and multilingual skills.”

The letter mentions that Guterres “indicated his readiness to meet the expectations of the membership regarding transparency and inclusivity with the submission of a vision statement and participation in an informal dialogue with member states.”

British Head Of State Boris Johnson has actually currently supported Guterres momentarily term.

Woodward and also Bozkir claimed casual discussions with prospects will certainly happen prior to the Safety and security Council starts the choice procedure by May or June.

Woodward tweeted that the Safety and security Council and also General Setting up head of states have actually functioned “kick-starting the process of selecting and appointing the U.N. secretary-general.”

“We look forward to contributing to an open process over the coming months,” Woodward claimed.

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