John Oliver Exposes One Of America’s Worst Ideas By Creating A 100% Legal Scam

John Oliver Reveals Among America’s Worst Concepts By Developing A 100% Lawful Rip-off

John Oliver on Sunday evening took a deep study the globe of healthcare sharing ministries (HCSM), the faith-based systems that could appear like medical insurance, yet aren’t really medical insurance. And also numerous individuals discover just after it’s far too late.

The “Last Week Tonight” host informed the tale of one family members whose youngster had a mind growth eliminated and also was stuck to a $325,000 expense that was not covered by their HCSM.

“Holy shit,” Oliver claimed in shock, calling it “exactly the kind of immoral behavior I’d expect sharing ministries to classify as ‘fucking disqualifying.’”  

The business ultimately paid after the tale got media protection. 

“It shows just how little recourse you have,” Oliver claimed. “If you don’t have a child that you can get onto TV to shame the company into action, you could be shit out of luck.”  

Oliver claimed he recognizes why individuals enroll in HCSMs.

“I do get the appeal of lower-cost health insurance,” Oliver claimed. “The problem is, this isn’t that. It’s not insurance at all, and states need at the very least to pass laws to make sure that people know what they’re getting into with HCSMs and to force them to allocate funds properly.” 

Yet some states, he claimed, were doing simply the contrary. For instance, Florida has actually reduced bench a lot that practically any person can produce an HCSM.  Any individual, consisting of Oliver himself. So, he reanimated his “church,” Our Woman of Continuous Exception, which he produced in 2015 to demonstrate how very easy it was to utilize religious beliefs to make use of tax obligation technicalities.

Currently, that church has actually an offshoot called Our Woman of Continuous Wellness, which supplies an HCSM called JohnnyCare, total with its very own internet site. 

“The whole thing was scarily easy to do,” Oliver claimed.

After that, he revived comic Rachel Dratch as his simulated televangelist other half to describe this entirely bonkers and also one hundred percent lawful plan, currently offered to Florida locals with $1.99 to extra and also a need for 3 Band-Aids:

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