President Trump is destroying America by allowing Big Tech‘s censorship

I have been a loyal Donald Trump supporter from almost day one, at least almost to the beginning of the primaries in 2015. I have pushed for his agenda, attempted to rally the troops on social media, & written profusely about how important it is to support our current POTUS.

This is why this column is so painful to write. As a conservative commentator & columnist, I have a large following on social media across several channels, to the tune of about 300k in total. I am being at least 95% shadow banned. When I post something on Twitter, I may get a handful of engagements. No body is seeing my speech. This is the point of course. I frequently get tweets saying something like this, “Where have you been? I haven’t seen a tweet from you in over a year!” This happens almost daily now. Peopel have to search me out to find me on social media.

This is not right. This is criminal.

If this is happening to me, a person that is not as big of a target as Alex Jones, who has been banned completely, then it is happening to conservative voices across the board.

This week we saw the arrogant, in-your-face banning of multiple America First personalities across the big-tech internet platforms. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They feel like they can’t be touched. They are fascists; they are totalitarian Leftists, in other words — communists.

We defeated communism in the Cold War, now it is reaping its revenge, in broad daylight & our leaders do nothing.

President Trump, it matters not if you fix the border, the economy, North Korea, Venezeula, et cetera, et cetera, if you do not stop this silencing of free speech.This is all happening in the run-up to the 2020 election & the consequences will be horrendous.

This is America damn it. Do something about it.

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